Enriching experience through reciprocation.


Stanton Draw
In-system view of a K-Type Main Sequence Star from within one astronomical unit

Project Cartography
A cartography cutter cruising deep space

Special Events
Looking out the window of a heavy cutter in orbit


Tomasius Space
A compass set atop a bowl of roasted coffee beans.

August Nine
A pen set diagonally across a closed notebook.

PFDSU Benefactors


The PFDSU will not be accepting donations until an event has been successfully piloted. If required, donations will then be accepted in UEC and in-game assets relevant to operations.

How will ongoing PFDSU events be possible

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that the PFDSU is not an isolated solipsistic venture but is, instead, a system engaged in the implementation of initiatives which benefit all players by ultimately improving the Star Citizen environment. This is achieved by stabilising vulnerable portions of the playerbase which, effectively, strengthens player niches little by little and, thereby, serves to enrich player experience on a much broader scale.

With a focus on edge case events; the primary difficulty in keeping an event recurring, on a regular basis, will revolve around the same major difficulty encountered by all denizens of the Star Citizen universe. In Entropia Universe, the big issue was economic entropy which would squeeze out all but the most determined grinders or the most thrifty spenders. Star Citizen is not intended to be this kind of game and it is anticipated that, instead, the major thresholds will revolve around strategy (emergent gameplay) and certain among a variety of skillsets. It may turn out that the most valuable contribution will be the time of those with the right skillset for facilitating a given event.

We will know more once the integration audit and accessibility analysis have been completed; hopefully, by the end of the year.

violet main sequence star set inside golden-green laurels
Wednesday, ISO: 2024-July-24, 12:12 hours, UTC.